When the process becomes a painting…

Painting is very close to what happens, to the permanent flow of things.
Painting is a way of experimenting and doing continuously that helps us get to know ourselves.

Since my last artistic residency in Austria last summer, my work has focused more on the pictorial process itself than on the search for a “finished painting”. Perhaps the personal moment and the influences of a review of the “Viennese Actionism” and “Fluxus” movements have changed my way of seeing and doing.

If we focus our attention on the pictorial process itself, there is an element that determines and concentrates the entire process, the palette. The choice of the palette (colours-mix) and its creation (in my case tables, linens or assembled pieces of cardboard) are the argument and background of a new series of paintings.

The palette endlessly accumulates mixes and searches, but it also contains all the time a painting needs to be revealed.

I know that everything is transformed into a process of continuous birth and destruction from which nothing escapes. In the palette we can figure out the traces of that process. In this sense, the new paintings are containers of experiences and searches for small revelations through mixtures, from which you somehow they transform you.

Painting is the process.