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Poetic Weft

In my case, there is no fixed order or hierarchy of the things that drive me to paint. They can appear at any given time, that is, if one is awake to receive them, with a sensitive eye eager to spot them.

I identify emotionally with whatever surrounds me, whether it is a simple cup of coffee, a song or a quiet conversation with a friend.
I’m not looking for transcendence. I’m after something closer, more everyday and, if you like, more sincere.

An elusive moment, an everyday sparkle, some seemingly insignificant emotion that makes me pick up a brush because, for me, painting is in no way removed from what is actually happening, from the permanent flow of things.
One perfect, fleeting moment that somehow produces a feeling of fulfilment. An excuse whose only intention is to ponder the way of seeing, doing, saying and experiencing things.

It is absolutely crucial to work with something which moves us yet at once has content, and in one way I’d say that all my work is one single poetic weft in which the titles are the emotional thread.

Juan Olivares

Juan Olivares – BIO&CV


Juan Olivares (Born in Catarroja 1973) is a Spanish artist who focuses his work on painting. Graduated in Fine Arts in 1997 from the Faculty of San Carlos of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, makes his final year in Brussels Nationale Superieure des Arts École de la Cambre Visuels.

In 2002 the Ministry of Culture Scholarship grants the College of Visual Arts in Spain Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris. Two years later in 2004 also is awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Grant Fine Arts Academy in Rome, a city that marks deeply and constantly traveling.

In 2007 he continued his training at The Cooper Union School of Art in New York, a city that takes its study during 2007 and 2008.

In 2018 he is part of the artists’ residence at ICCI Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. Currently, the city of Shanghai is one of its references and where it carries out part of its plastic research.

All his work forms a poetic tissue that questions the formal limits of painting and its relationship to the space it inhabits. Support surface and space continuous review.

The idea of transience, over time, the emotional trail left us some experiences, uncertainty, chance and discovery are present in all his works. In a sentence: “He loves emotion that corrects the rule”.

In his twenty-year career he has made more than twenty solo exhibitions in galleries of contemporary art. He has participated in various international exhibitions, as well as in international fairs. His works are in private collections and institutions.

Juan Olivares - BIO&CV

Curriculum vitae

1998Graduate in Fine Arts from San Carlos School of Fine Arts, Polytechnic University of Valencia.
2007Summer Program. The Cooper Union School of Art. New York.

Solo exhibitions


2023Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània. CCCC Valencia. Spain.
2019Shiras Gallery. Valencia. Spain.
2017Isabel Hurley Gallery. Málaga. Spain
2016SET Espai d´Art. Valencia. Spain.
2015Arte Santander. SET Espai d´Art. Valencia. Spain.
2014SET Espai d´Art. Valencia. Spain.
2012Valle Ortí Gallery. Valencia. Spain.
2010Hospital Marina Salud. Denia. Alicante. Spain.
2009María Llanos Gallery. Cáceres. Spain.

Isabel Hurley Gallery. Málaga. Spain.

Adora Calvo Gallery. Salamanca. Spain.

2008La Gallera. Consorcio de Museos Comunidad Valenciana. Spain.

EV Gallery. Shanghai. China.

2007Valle Ortí Gallery. Valencia. Spain.
2006T 20 Gallery. Murcia. Spain.
2005Pilar Parra Gallery. Madrid. Spain.
2004Spazia Gallery. Bolonia. Italy.

Espai Lucas Gallery. Valencia. Spain.

2003Pilar Parra Gallery. Madrid. Spain.
2002T 20 Gallery. Murcia. Spain.

Espai Lucas Gallery. Valencia. Spain.

2001Pilar Parra Gallery. Madrid. Spain.

Group exhibitions


He has participated in different national and international exhibitions. Shanghai, New York, Brussels, Geneva, Paris and Rome. As well as in international fairs: ARCO Madrid, ESTAMPA Madrid, ARTISSIMA Turin, MIART Milan, ARTCOLOGNE Cologne, SHANGHAI ART FAIR, ART Lisbon, MACO Mexico, PINTA London and PULSE Miami.

Grants and Residencies


2023V ART DIAGONALE. Symposium and Artist Residency. Wels. Austria.
2021IV ART DIAGONALE. Symposium and Artist Residency. Wels. Austria.
2019ICCI ART VALLEY Artist Residency. Jiao Tong University. Shanghái. China.
2018ICCI Jiao Tong University & TIAC Residency. Shanghai. China.
2007Summer Program. The Cooper Union School of Art. New York. EE.UU.
2004Beca de Artes Plásticas. Academia de Roma. Ministerio Asuntos Exteriores. Rome. Italy.
2002Beca de Artes Plásticas. Colegio de España de la Cité Internationale Universitaire de París. Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes. Paris. France.

Beca Art Visual. Consejería de Educación y Cultura. Valencia. Spain.

1998Beca Socrates-Erasmus. École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre. Brussels. Belgium.



20182º Premio. I Bienal Mª. Isabel Comenge. Fundación Juan José Castellano Comenge, Valencia.
2016Premio-Adquisición. Fundación Hortensia Herrero, Abierto Valencia.

Premio-Adquisición. Fundación Cañada Blanch, Valencia.

2006Premio Senyera. Ayuntamiento de Valencia.
2004Accésit XXXI Premio Bancaixa de Pintura. Valencia. IVAM. Centro Julio González.
2003Premio XXXIV Salón de Otoño. Ateneo Mercantil. Valencia.
2002Primer premio III Premio de Pintura Colegio de Gestores. Valencia.

Primer premio XIV Bienal de Pintura Milagros Mir. Catarroja. Valencia.

2001Primer Premio VI Premi de Pintura Ciutat de Burriana. Castellón.

Adquisición Generación 2001 Caja Madrid. Casa de América. Madrid.

2000Adquisición en el XVI Premio de pintura l´Oréal. Centro Conde Duque. Madrid.


Ministerio de Cultura. Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores. Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo. Caja Madrid. Bancaixa. Banco de Valencia. Caixa Rural Torrent. Caja Murcia. Club Diario Levante. L´Oréal. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. The Cooper Union School of Art, New York. Colegio de España, París. Colegio Administrativo de Gestores de Valencia. Fundación D, Murcia. Valdearte, Orense. Ateneo Mercantil, Valencia. Jaurena Art, Barcelona. Royal Premier, Málaga. Banco Sabadell. Olor Visual. DKV. Ars Citerior. Fundación Cañada Blanch. Fundación Hortensia Herrero. Colección Martinez-LLoret. Fundación Juan José Castellano Comenge. Colección Repsol. Colección Conselleria de Cultura de La Comunitat Valenciana. (ICCI) Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


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