Ceramic mural Motor of the Republic in Catarroja

The water engine is a historic building; created in 1931, during the Second Republic, hence its name … It was created to supply water to the population at that time. I remember that in the 80s it was still in use and I went with my family to take water, without knowing its history. It is very emotional to remember those years now… In the 90s it was abandoned, and the City Council of Catarroja decided in the year 2017 recover the building and its area, to be a cultural and youth space.

A project was approved to make a ceramic mural on the face, right in the space where the original mural, which disappeared completely.

For five months, I worked with one of the best potters of Manises, Salvador Martí. Together, we prepared the 200 pieces that make up the mural, modelled with clay and cooked at high temperatures in Manises´ ovens.

The mural is an abstract work, with volumes, rhythms and colours that bring it closer to the idea of expanded painting. I have wanted to reincarnate my painting in ceramics and, at the same time, combine the tradition of Manises´ pottery with contemporary art.