A flash or glint beyond a luminous phenomenon is also a sudden manifestation of some quality or attitude.
The idea of discovery is the thread of the collages.
In the process of collage creation, the fragments of cut paper can establish infinite possible combinations … but there is a moment in which you discover a fascinating relationship, a flash, a revelation. Glimpses of beauty.
It´s a perfect moment.
Collage technique allows me to create a painting without support, without limits.
A work of irregular and infinite format, a painting without the limits of the canvas.
My collage works connect with two main ideas.
One of them can be found in the philosopher Heraclitus.
Heraclitus affirms that the basis of everything resides in an incessant change. Everything is transformed into a process of continuous birth and destruction to which nothing escapes.
The other idea is found in the phrase of the French poet Paul Valery:
“Un poème n´est jamais fini, juste abandonné”. A poem never ends, it is only abandoned. In the same way, a collage never ends … it is the result of an “abandonment”, it is the moment in which we decide to stop … it is the moment in which we discover a fascinating relationship, a revelation that can calm thirst for a moment.