In 2008, I made a pictorial installation in a singular espace, La Gallera.

La Gallera is a building built in 1870, where housed cockfights. It has a beautiful geometric plant with twelve sides and two heights, currently rehabilitated as an exhibition space. The architecture conditions the exhibition and forces us to create a work exclusively for the space.

The work created for the exhibition “Baste the space” was the result of the use of three-dimensional space as a pictorial support.
The art work demands a different attitude from the viewer, understanding the person as activator of the work’s senses.
On the floor, there is a vinyl that we can step on, the vinyl is an image of a collage. I wanted to introduce in this work the image of the painting, not physically, beacause the image accentuate the idea of hybridization.

The structure is iron lacquered in yellow and refers to the old iron swings, where I used to play when I was a child.